Help with lactose intolerance

Lactose intolerance is a very common ailment but what is it, exactly? Put simply, lactose intolerance refers to a condition where lactose (milk sugar) is not being properly digested by the body. Suffering with lactose intolerance in Wantirna, or anywhere else for that matter, is not dangerous but it can be very uncomfortable. That said, most people are able to keep it in check by carefully managing their diet.

Avoiding certain foods such as milk, cheeses and even some biscuits, certain breakfast cereals and breads can help manage a lactose intolerance condition. There are also steps that can be taken to tackle the problem head on. Dietary supplements can help with the digestion of lactose, meaning that taken in moderation these must avoid’ foods can still be enjoyed.

You should also make sure that you are getting enough calcium, since most of the calcium people rely on today comes from dairy products. We need calcium for a variety of reasons, such as:

? Helping build strong bones and teeth

? Regulating muscle contractions (this includes the heart)

? Ensuring blood clots normally

Again, supplements can help here too but you can also but making sure certain foods are included in your diet can help too. Things like:

? Spinach, kale, broccoli, cabbage, okra

? Soya beans

? Tofu

? Nuts

? Fish with edible bones: sardines,

salmon, pilchards etc.

It isn’t always easy to include these things in your diet regularly of course, not without mealtimes becoming boring, so dietary supplements are ideal for making up the numbers once in awhile.

All in all, while lactose intolerance can be uncomfortable, it is not something that has to dominate your life. If you are in Wantirna, why not pop in and see us and see how we can help you? You may be surprised at the range of things that we can help you with (Direct Endoscopy).