Gastroscopy – an advanced way to diagnose your gastric system

In the present scenario, with the advancement in the medical science, it is has been easier for the doctors and physicians to diagnose a disease and write down a cure for it. Gastroscopy is the diagnostic procedure followed by the doctors to investigate the foodpipe, stomach, and duodenum in the human body. We at our Gastroscopy Wantirna clinic uses a small thin tube called gastroscope which is inserted into your body via your foodpipe to investigate your whole stomach, clicking pictures and recording videos.

Why Gastroscopy?

There are numerous symptoms that may lead to going through a gastroscopy session and they are;

•Difficulty in swallowing food/water

•Vomiting blood

•Passing black motions


•Weight loss



We at our clinic in Wantirna

will make sure that the diagnosis process is performed under the experts and if

there are any symptoms, we will help you overcome it.

There are numerous benefits of gastroscopy as it will also help in diagnosing conditions like;

1.Stomach Cancer:

Cancer is the biggest threat to human lives as it is difficult to diagnose at an early

stage. We can perform a biopsy using the gastroscope or an endoscope to take

samples from your stomach for testing and diagnosing.

2.Portal Hypertension:

We can also help you diagnose symptoms like hypertension. There are numerous instances

when your liver suffers from a sudden increase in blood pressure and you can

take it with you forever unknowingly until it is too late.

3.Coeliac Diseases:

You might be allergic to gluten which can cause severe digestive conditions.

4.Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD):

It is a condition of the stomach where the oesophageal gets attacked with the stomach acid.

5. Stomach Ulcers:

You might face problems like inflammation inside the stomach.

Preparing for Gastroscopy:

We advise our patients to attend the diagnosis empty-stomach. Thus, you will be required to not eat anything for six hours before the diagnosis. An empty stomach will help us to diagnose the stomach properly.

An alternative to Gastroscopy:

You can prefer X-ray examination over gastroscopy but it will be not effective as gastroscopy as it will not allow us to take biopsy samples and x-ray radiation is another concern.